"The Three Melissas: A Practical Guide to Surviving Family Homelessness"

INTRODUCTIONS...Who Wrote this Book?

People usually skip over this section, but don’t! It sets the stage for the rest of the book and will make you appreciate what you’re going to read.


1. Meet The Three Melissas!

This unique handbook wouldn’t happen without the courageous and astute reflections of these three moms who willingly stepped up to share their thoughts.

2. Speed Bumps and Brick Walls:

The World of a Single Mother Experiencing Homelessness

You’d have to be a genius to navigate homelessness as a single mom. Here we lay out some of the ordeals common to parents who’ve landed in this plight.

3. What You Need to Know:

The Three Melissas’ Tips for Getting By

No one gets a handbook on important things you need to know when you lose your place to live. Until now. Here are practical suggestions to save you trouble.

4. ‘The Kids are Passengers Along for the Ride’

Your kids’ emotional and mental health will likely take a hit during this turmoil. It’s not you, it’s what’s happening to them. Here are observations that may help.

5. It’s Like an Elephant on your Shoulders

Your emotional and mental health will also be tested during (and after) this episode. Some comfort in knowing what the Melissas have gone through.

6. ‘A Judgment-Free Zone’

The Importance of School

This might be the most important info you’ll read! Unlocking the key to school while you’re homeless can be done—by you! Here are some great tips!

7. Surviving Homelessness Becomes a Super Power

Words of Encouragement

Yes, homelessness is a tough experience, but the Melissas can offer reassurance as they look back on lessons learned.

8. Remove Unnecessary Barriers:

Recommended Policy Changes

Who said you must be an elected official or agency leader to create smart policies? The Melissas offered observations and smart ideas to make bad a little better.

9. Final, Not Final Thoughts


We could go on and on, but here are closing thoughts to set the tone for you as you go forth to survive or to help someone survive.

EXTRAS That Makes This Handbook Even More Worthwhile

  • Tip Sheet for Hosts: Sharing Housing with a Family Experiencing Homelessness
  • Resources for Parents
  • Legal Problems: No Easy Answers
  • The Big Picture by Diana and Diane
  • References and Suggested Reading